Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Artist

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I had a pretty typical assignment yesterday that took a very interesting turn. I went to a local artist's house to photograph some of her work. I was feeling under the weather so my plan was to just take photos of the art and leave. Right before leaving though, I asked the artist if she would pose for a portrait.

She said that she doesn't like posing for photos but would do something else for me. She went downstairs and on her return she was carrying a mask and a boombox. She put on the mask, plugged in the boombox, and started swaying to the music. She then broke into this bizarre form of dancing, acting and singing that was both disturbing and captivating at the same time. She went from crying to laughing to crying again. It was almost difficult to make pictures because the whole scene was so surreal. After about two minutes, she turned off the boombox and asked very plainly if I had what I needed. 

It was a good lesson in remembering to always ask for one more photo.

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