Friday, January 25, 2013

Battle on the Court

012213 010a Basketball - B RBHS vs HHS ak

012213 016a Basketball - B RBHS vs HHS ak  

012213 039a Basketball - B RBHS vs HHS ak 

 012213 163a Basketball - B RBHS vs HHS ak

012213 136a Basketball - B RBHS vs HHS ak 

012213 170b Basketball - B RBHS vs HHS ak 

Well, I now have a benchmark for the craziest high school basketball game I've ever photographed. This particular one was a cross-town rivalry game that went into triple overtime. The underdog team, Hickman, won by just a hair. The fans rushed the court and several Rock Bridge players got caught in the pile. When a Rock Bridge player got stuck on top of the pile and tried to pull his teammate to safety, the whole thing erupted into chaos with punching, kicking, etc. 

There are many versions of what happened, but from where I stood a guy in a Batman mask (see if you can spot him) pulling the player down was the tipping point of the entire altercation. I know, I know, Batman gets the blame for everything. If you study the chaos photo you can find some pretty funny nuggets in there. My favorite is the bear (Rock Bridge's mascot) skewered by a foam sword. Luckily I made it out pretty much unscathed.

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