Thursday, December 17, 2009

I got chased down by a truck

Bub (uhhhhh)

Walking back to my car from work, I always try to take some pictures. Usually I never end up doing anything with them, I just take them for the sake of practice. While crossing the street, I see it. A glorious cherry-red Chevy with the words "BUBBA" strewn across its front bumper. To my surprise, there wasn't a dead animal hanging in or around it anywhere. I had just enough time while crossing to snap a few shots from the hip. Nope, no turkey on those, blurry and bad composition. I let out a small sigh for my lost opportunity and move on toward my car.
Once I arrive at the parking garage, there it is.
No idea how it found me, no idea what the driver will want from me. I press onward. As I try to slyly pass the truck, an elfish chortle comes from inside the truck.
"Did I do something wrong?" ...the well-seasoned woman driving "bubba" says to me.
I laugh.
"Umm, no, I just really liked the front of your truck so I took a picture of it."
She retorts, "We sell wood, people call us Bubba, I didn't know what was going on!"
"I'm a photographer, sorry, sometimes I freak people out like that. Now that I have you here can I take a better picture of your truck?"
"Yep, I suppose so, as long as I'm not in trouble."
I thank her, and get my picture.

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